Forest School

Forest School is an alternative after-school club run by AGOSC for children attending Ashton Gate Primary School. It focusses on outdoor activities and outdoor play.

Forest school runs Monday to Thursday and is currently only for KS2 children. The children return to Old Chapel Park (KS2 Site) by 5.45pm ready to be collected by 6pm.

For most of the year Forest School uses Greville Smyth Park, however in the dark winter months (term 2 and 3) we use our new Forest School area which is located at Old Chapel Park (KS2 site).

Afternoon plan

  • Collection: Forest School children are collected from the Upton Site with the rest of After School Club, at 3.00pm. We then come back to the Old Chapel Park site, where we get ready for Forest School. We leave by 4.00pm and travel to whichever site we are using for that session.
  • Talk Time: Once we arrive at our site for the session, we set up a ‘base’, discuss boundaries and hazards, and have break (a biscuit and piece of fruit). We then discuss what our activities or games are for the session.
  • Snack: We have a second snack at 5pm. For Forest School this is usually a choice between a Rice Cake or Cheese Twist. This changes if we do a food activity – to the food we create. Water and cups are always available.
  • Free Play: A fundamental part of AGOSC is child-led play we continue this at Forest School. The children have the opportunity for free play throughout their entire time with us.
  • Risky Play: A huge part of Forest School, and any child’s play, is calculated risk-taking. This is a fundamental block in a child’s development. For example, climbing trees – we have rules for how and when children are permitted to climb, as we want to keep them safe while they do so, but also we understand how important it is that they are able to learn new skills and take risks.
  • Activities: We have different activities each week, which will usually be put on Famly for the start of each term. They vary from teamwork games, creating, challenges, topics of interest (child selected), to practicing whitling with knives, and using Flint and Steel.

Additional Information:

Wet Weather Plan:
Forest School aims to be outdoors in all weathers, the only exception being thunderstorms. This makes it extra important that children have appropriate clothing!

In circumstances where we feel it is not safe enough to be outside for the whole session, we will use the breakfast room at Old Chaple Park.

Our general Kit List is:

  • A coat (waterproof and warm!)
  • Hat & Gloves
  • LOTS of layers (for when it gets cold)!
  • Spare clothes (you don’t mind getting muddy!)
  • Comfy Shoes (you don’t mind getting muddy!)

School Clubs:
Unfortunately, children cannot do a school club and then come to Forest School.

Session Fees:
For this school year, the session cost is £9.95 per session per child. An annual registration fee also applies.

Meet the Forest School Team