After School Club


The After School Club is for children attending Ashton Gate Primary School.

We provide exciting and stimulating activities for children alongside free play. After School Club is open until 6:00pm Monday to Friday. 

After School Club runs on two sites:

  • Reception and KS1: Caretaker’s House and School Halls.

  • KS2: Old Chapel Park.

If you have children at both sites, then please visit both sites to pick them up.


Afternoon Plan:

  • Collection: At the end of the school day, staff collect KS2 children from the Upton Road site and escort them safely to our Old Chapel Park site. Reception and KS1 children are collected from their classrooms and escorted safely to the Caretaker’s House or school halls.

  • Talk Time: As soon as the children arrive at After School Club, they have a talk time in their key groups where they share their news and learn about the activities for the day.

  • Snack: There are two snacks during After School Club: a fruit and biscuit snack during talk time and a fruit break at 5pm. Water and cups are always available.

  • Free Play: A fundamental part of AGOSC is child-led play. The children have the opportunity for free play throughout their entire time with us. We provide various accessible resources for the children to use as they please in a safe environment.

  • Quiet Time: If the children need some quiet time after all the fun, they may watch TV and have quiet time from 5pm.

  • Activities: We provide a variety of activities each day in each area of After School Club and always include ideas from the children.


Additional Information:

Wet Weather Plan:
At AGOSC, we encourage the children to play outdoors in all weathers as long as they have appropriate clothing and it is safe for them to do so. In circumstances where we feel this is not the case, extra staff members will be in the school halls, Caretaker’s House, and middle classroom of Old Chapel Park to ensure the children can play indoors.

School Clubs:
If your child attends a club after school, please inform us and we will ensure they are collected from that club and escorted to After School Club via the safest route. They will then be signed in by staff and provided with water, fruit, and a biscuit.

Session Fees:
For this school year, the session cost is only £9.95 per session per child. An annual registration fee also applies.


Key Person Scheme:

Each child attending AGOSC is assigned a key person. Children are encouraged to talk to the member of staff who acts as their key person about any concerns they have.

They are as follows: 

Purple Penguins (Yr Reception)

Red Roosters (Yr One)

Green Gorillas (Yr Two) Orange Octopuses (Yr Three) Blue Bumblebees (Yr Four)

Yellow Yetties (Yr Five)

Pink Pandas (Yr Six)

Forest School (KS2)

The key person is responsible for monitoring the progress and meeting the individual needs of the children they support and building a relationship with their parents/carers. Each key person will complete regular observations on each child and these will be shared with parents/carers via the FAMLY app. Go to the Staff page to see which member of staff is responsible for your child.